New tool reduces after-treatment of MDF edges

At the Wood 2015 exhibition in Finland, Kyocera Unimerco will display new tools reducing costs in the woodworking and furniture industries

The new EQS tool is among the products that Kyocera Unimerco will show at the Wood 2015 exhibition in Finland (Jyväskylä) from 2.-4.9 2015. The EQS tool saves considerable after-treatment of MDF edges, where customers often experience fibre swelling in the middle part of the board, explains sales manager Jukka Hara from Kyocera Unimerco.

“The new EQS tool closes and smoothens the surfaces, so there is less need for sanding on primer. That saves time, and less primer is needed before topcoating,” says Jukka Hara.


2-in-1 tool for profile cutting

The EQS tool can be combined with the milling cutter EasyCut, which takes care of the profile grinding.

“EasyCut features two functions in one tool: The roughing edge removes most of the material, while the finishing edge machines the surface. Also with EasyCut, the woodworking industries are able to reduce the number of machining processes. At the same time, the tool makes only little noise,” says Jukka Hara.

At the exhibition, Kyocera Unimerco will also display numerous other new products from large European manufacturers such as Rekord, Freud and Leuco. Worthy of special mention is the “No Noise” (NN) diamond-tipped saw blade from Leuco, which reduces the level of noise by 50%.

Combining the roughing and finishing tool Easycut with the EQS tool