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Spotlight on environmental actions: Meet our EHS specialist

April 24, 2024

Solar panel park at Kyocera Unimerco headquarter in Denmark

At Kyocera Unimerco, we believe in taking actionable steps towards a more environmentally conscious furture, and it is dedicated individuals like Michael who lead us forward. As an Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Specialist, Michael's passion and commitment to his work shine through every project he touches.


Climate-Ready Manufacturing course

Michael recently enhanced his expertise by attending the "Climate-Ready Manufacturing” course, a remarkable initiative by Danish Industry and Danish Industry Foundation. This program has armed Michael with crucial knowledge in climate strategy, communication, and CO2 accounting, enabling him to contribute even more profoundly to our environmental initiatives.

“Before our participation in Climate-Ready Manufacturing, our focus rested primarily on reducing our scope 1 and 2 emissions. We've now come to understand the substantial impact of scope 3 emissions on our total CO2 footprint. As a result, we're dedicated to fully assessing our CO2 emissions to establish a baseline and, from there, develop goals and initiatives for addressing the primary factors influencing our CO2 footprint.” - Michael Steinmeyer B. Andersen.


Solar Park Project

Michael has also been instrumental in the development of our new solar parks. His involvement showcases our company's commitment to renewable energy and our journey towards reducing carbon footprints. Through his work, Michael exemplifies the spirit of innovation and stewardship that Kyocera Unimerco stands for.

Solar Park at Kyocera Unimerco Denmark

Solar Park at Kyocera Unimerco in Denmark.


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