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See the latest news and offers for the woodworking industry. 

Visit Ligna and see our wide range of woodworking tools - including the world premiere of the new EQS Technology System for through-feed machines.
See news and great offers on cutting tools for the woodworking industry. All prices are in euro.
New sizing technology with BK DP jointing cutters
The UM Twister tool ensures that chips and dust are led up into the suction. That reduces the time required for cleaning of board and tool, while minimizing tool costs and downtime on the CNC centre.
Newly developed tool from Kyocera Unimerco helps to seal the edge of machined MDF boards, ensuring with less preparation and fewer painting processes you can achieve a great paint finish.
At the Wood 2015 exhibition in Finland, Kyocera Unimerco will display new tools reducing costs in the woodworking and furniture industries