PDL010/PDL025 DLC coating

Achieves long tool life with hardness close to that of diamond. Large lineup for turning, cut-off, and milling operations.

High quality and long tool life for machining aluminum.


1. Long and stable tool life

High hardness with Kyocera’s proprietary hydrogen-free DLC coating.


2. Excellent surface finish

Excellent surface finish with aluminum welding resistance.


3. Stable machining

Stable machining due to DLC coating layer with excellent peeling resistance. Improved chip evacuation due to high lubrication.


4. Large tooling lineup

Wide range of applications including turning, cut-off, and milling operations.



Aluminum machining application map



AP chipbreaker with PDL010/025:


  • Provides excellent surface finish when finishing aluminum
  • Improved chip control during aluminum finishing applications
  • Combination of sharp cutting edge and DLC coating prevents burrs
  • Chipbreaker for positive type inserts



Applicable chipbreaker range (CC09 type)