New steel turning grade series CA1 and new 90° tangential milling cutter MA90

Discover the power of metalworking innovation with two new products from Kyocera.

The CVD coated carbide grades for steel turning CA115P and CA125P, and the MA90 tangential 90° end mill with 4-Edge inserts.


The new CVD coated carbide grades offers excellent wear and fracture resistance, longer tool life and highly efficient machining for a wide range of machining applications. The new PMG chipbreaker for medium to roughing is adding additional value to your tooling maintaining excellent chip control. CA115P will be stocked in Europe from June 2023.

Learn more about the CA1 series.


The MA90 and its grade PR18 series coating technology provide high quality surface finish, excellent wall accuracy, multi-functional machining, and extended tool life. Both products offer cost savings, reduced downtime, and inventory, and promote a carbon neutral society by reducing waste. Experience the difference with these two innovative products from Kyocera today! 

Learn more about the MA90 series.





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