MFH lineup expansion

We are happy to announce Kyocera's most versatile high feed MFH line just got bigger!

The new PR015S MEGACOAT HARD insert grade has been added to the lineup for stable machining in hardened materials. Pair with the new tough-edge GH chipbreaker for unbeatable results on those tough jobs. The two main new features are included in the MFH Harrier and Mini lineup.


GH chipbreaker with excellent fracture resistance

Convex cutting edge design

  • Reduces impact force when entering workpiece
  • Surpresses chattering and fracturing

Tough edge design

  • Combining with PR015S is suitable for machining hardened material
  • Improved fracture resistance




GH chipbreaker



PR015S added to the lineup

  • For hardened material
  • High hardness and high heat-resistant PVD layer MEGACOAT HARD improves wear resistance
  • Combining GH chipbreaker and PR015S reduces heat-cracks and improves fracture resistance
  • Stable machining in hardened material