MEV & MFLN - milling cutter

New tangential milling cutters, multifunctional MEV and heavy milling cutter MFLN.

Tangential shoulder face mill for multiple applications – MEV Kyocera has added the MEV tangential cutter series to its wide milling products portfolio. The MEV is a 90° cutter, featuring several benefits like high rigidity by higher web thickness than conventional cutters and low cutting force due to axial rake angle of max. 17°. Various machining is possible like ramping with positive type inserts. The advanced cutting performance can be noticed by excellent finish bottom and squareness of the tooled workpiece, backed up with long tool life.


Tangential face mill for heavy milling – MFLN
A further enhancement of the milling cutter portfolio is the new heavy milling cutter MFLN. Kyocera´s high efficiency cutter is capable for high DOC and high feed. It offers three cutter styles in order to cover a wide variety of machining applications (cutting edge angles of 90°, 75°, and 45°). The MFLN reduces chattering and prevent sudden insert fracture due to low cutting force design and wide contact face of insert. The tangentially mounted inserts with 22 mm of length are offering increased rigidity and provide 2 cutting edges on both sides. Together with Kyocera´s original PVD coating technology MEGACOAT NANO, you can except long tool life.





Newly developed triangular inserts providing low cutting force and increased toolholder rigidity. High performance, economical, and multi-functional milling solutions.




MEV milling cutter


1. High performance: low cutting force and high rigidity

Newly developed vertical triangle inserts with 3 cutting edges achieve stable machining with reduced chattering.


2. The economical choice: 3 cutting edge insert with long tool life

  • Insert: Unique triangle inserts with 3 cutting edges. PR15 series utilizes MEGACOAT NANO coating technology with excellent wear and adhesion resistance.
  • Toolholder: Engineered with state-of-the-art simulation and analysis technology, the MEV is built to reduce stress on the cutter body. Increased hardness and wide contact surface for improved durability.


3. Multi-functional: The MEV can perform a wide variety of machining processes

Great performance in shouldering, slotting, and ramping applications (D.O.C. 6 mm or less)



1. Slotting; 2. Helical milling; 3. Shouldering, 4. Ramping; 5. Pocketing; 6. Face milling




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Tough 4-edge tangencial inserts provide high reliability on heavy milling at large depths of cut and high feed rates. Three cutting edge angles optimized for various machining applications.


1. Tough and reliable inserts for stable heavy milling

22 mm long inserts offer increased rigidity. Tangentially mounted inserts provide 2 cutting edges on both sides.


MFLN insert


2. Large d.O.C. and high feed rates with 90°, 70° and 45° cutting edge angles available

3 cutter styles cover a wide variety of machining applications.

  • MFLN90: Cutting edge angle 90°
  • MFLN70: Cutting edge angle 70°
  • MFLN45: Cutting edge angle 45°



3. Stable machining and long tool life with MEGACOAT NANO

MEGACOAT NANO coating technology with high hardness (35 Gpa) and excellent oxidation resistance.Oxidation temperature (1,150 ˚C) improves wear resistance. Chipping resistance improved as well.



MFLN milling cutter