KS6015 for cast iron

Kyocera has released its new ceramic turning insert grade, made of silicon nitride. It is specially composed for machining cast iron material with high wear resistant properties.

Improved thermal conductivity leads to reduced heat at the cutting edge. The crystallization of grain boundary phase provides better temperature strength and wear resistance for long and stable machining.



Application map for cast iron

x-axis: Fracture resistance (toughness) from low (left) to high (right)

y-axis: Cutting speed from low (below) to high (above)



Grain boundary phase comparison


KS6015 (left): The grain boundary phase is crystallized. Increased temperature strength prevents deterioration. Improved thermal conductivity.


Conventional grade A (right): The grain boundary phase is vitrificated. Deteriorated by softening due to high temperature.


KS6015 (left) and conventional grade A (right)




Wear resistance comparison (Internal evaluation)



KS6015 (blue) compared with competitor A (grey)

x-axis: Cutting time (min) ; y-axis: Wear (mm)

KS6015 for cast iron