KPK series

Unique design for superior performance in cut-off operations.

Easy insert replacement reduces downtime. High performance, long tool life and stable machining with strong clamping mechanism.


During cut-off operations, insert cutting widths of only a few millimeters are used to cut to the center of the workpiece. Cut-off process is typically a bottleneck process or final process, requiring a trouble-free machining environment.


The shape of the workpiece can be difficult to secure, thus creating rigidity and chattering issues. Big load due to low/zero cutting speed at the workpiece rotation center. Tool tend to be broken easily by chip troubles.


The KPK Series features new insert, blade, and tool block designs for rigid, safe, and secure cut-off operations.

Easy insert replacement

Reduce down time with fast insert replacement. No hammer or screw required.


Firm insert clamp ensures added safety and security

The firmly secured insert uses three contact surfaces to eliminate sliding or chattering.


Unique chipbreaker for long tool life and stable machining

Advanced chipbreaker technology inherited from KGD lineup provides excellent chip control.


Rigid tool holder block prevents chattering and provides internal coolant

JCT series supports internal coolant. Improved tool life even under normal pressure.