Excellent chip control and long tool life with high pressure coolant. Large holder lineup for turning, external grooving, cut-off and threading. Easy connection with high pressure hose and joint. Internal coolant provides longer tool life and excellent chip control.

Great for high pressure coolant, toolholder for shallow grooving. KGBA-JCT can direct coolant closer to the cutting edge from the top of the insert. Excellent chip control and longer tool life.


1. Excellent chip control

Internal coolant provides excellent chip control. High-pressure coolant is more effective.


Coolant hole: Coolant is discharged to the cutting edge. Prevents
coolant stream spreading which slows the coolant flow


Coolant direction: Sufficient coolant between the chipbreaker and the chips. Stable chip curls and sufficient cooling of the insert





2. Superior cooling action improves tool life

Internal coolant provides better corner wear resistance. Please find the following wear resistance comparison (In-house evaluation):


Cutting conditions:

Vc = 150 m/min, f = 0.07 mm/rev, groove depth = 2 mm, wet, KGBAR2525K22-15JCT, GBA43R200-020 (PR1215) Workpiece: 34CrMo4



x-axis: Cutting time (min) ; y-axis: Corner wear amount (mm)

Dark blue graph: Internal coolant (2 MPa)

Light blue graph: Internal coolant (Normal pressure : ~0.5 MPa)

Grey graph: External coolant (Normal pressure : ~0.5 MPa)



Recommended grade for steel

  • General purpose : PR1215
  • Surface finish oriented : TN620
  • For stable machining : PR1625


PR1625: Cemented carbide grade with high stability and
MEGACOAT NANO with excellent adhesion resistance provides high toughness and high hardness.




Long tool life is achieved in the interrupted grooving including drum and shaft of transmission engine parts.