Kyocera Unimerco offers individual solutions for cutting tool production

Custom production of indexable inserts and special toolholders is available with short lead times.

The Kyocera Unimerco Group will offer its customers a special service: Production of custom indexable inserts and toolholders, which offer precise solutions for customers’ individual requirements. Kyocera Unimerco can also individually adapt the cutting edge, giving it a special profile for the respective application, and develop toolholders that are suitable for both custom inserts and standard indexable inserts from Kyocera.


Custom solutions reduce costs

Kyocera Unimerco has already convinced a number of its customers around Europe of the benefits of such custom systems, and its custom inserts and holders for workpieces with special contours, measurements and tolerances are already being used by numerous companies. The individually aligned products allow workpieces to be handled particularly quickly. For example, Kyocera Unimerco can develop tools that offer a specific chip removal capacity for specific applications.


“Customer-specific solutions make it possible to reduce the length of machining passes and the amount of programming required, which also leads to lower unit costs,” explains former Kyocera Unimerco President Senri Nagashima with regard to the advantages for customers. “We therefore offer not just a broad range of standard inserts, but also unique indexable inserts with user-defined chip breakers, coatings and carbides.”


Kyocera has been producing specialized cutting tools since 1973. Today the Kyocera Unimerco Group offers a wide range of products for turning, drilling, milling, piercing, threading and cutting, utilizing materials such as carbides, cermet, ceramics, CBN and PCD. Kyocera uses the latest innovative technology — with a focus on materials used for particularly demanding applications such as ceramics, silicon nitride, CBN and cermet. Furthermore, the tool manufacturing process also makes use of precision technology, which means tools can be adapted to the individual needs of users from the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors.



Special MEC toolholder

Special MEC toolholder