DRV Magic Drill

New design enables 6D deep drilling with excellent chip control Ideal for automobile, aviation and medical device industries.

Kyocera announced that it has developed a new line of indexable modular drills, Magic Drill DRV, to be used mainly for hole drilling in the machine tool business. Ideally suited for the automobile, aviation and medical device industries, the new indexable drills combine a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coated insert on the outer edge and a physical vapor deposition (PVD) coated insert on the inner edge for the first time, enabling high-speed and high-efficiency processing.




The uniquely developed chipbreakers have improved chip evacuation and the holder’s thicker center core provides enhanced rigidity. Consequently, the new drill is now capable of deep drilling up to 6D (six times the holder diameter) for the first time. Kyocera aims to contribute to its customers’ increased productivity by broadening its product lineup to meet more diversified needs.


Product overview


Product name Magic Drill DRV
Size Drilling depth: 2D to 6D
Drilling diameter : φ14mm to φ32mm
Processing condition Hole drilling, etc.
Recommended materials Low carbon steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, die steel, stainless steel, gray cast iron and ductile cast iron
Production base Shiga Yohkaichi plant (Japan)
Kagoshima Sendai plant (Japan)


Development background

Reduced weight and greater functionality of components are currently being promoted in the automobile, aviation and medical device industries. This trend increases the demand for products that enable high-speed and high-efficiency drilling of various workpiece materials under diversified drilling conditions. With previous indexable drills, PVD-coated chipbreakers were adopted for both the outer and inner edges, which has the disadvantage of increased wear and tear on the outer edge because it comes into contact with the workpiece material at a higher speed. To solve the problem, this new model adopts a CVD-coated chipbreaker with heat and wear resistance for the outer edge and a PVD-coated chipbreaker for the inner edge so that stable processing can be achieved even if a strong force is applied to the inner edge. In this manner, by making use of the features of both CVD and PVD coatings, high-speed and high-efficiency processing become feasible.



Product features


1. High-speed and high-efficiency processing of various materials


With an optimum chipbreaker selected from the four types available, the Magic Drill DRV series is capable of working with a variety of workpiece materials. The chipbreakers are designed so that four corners (edges) can be used, thereby reducing the customer’s processing costs.



Empfohlen für die Stahlbearbeitung Links: CVD-beschichtete Wendeschneidplatte für die äußere Schneide Rechts: PVD-beschichtete Wendeschneidplatte für die innere Schneide

Recommended for steel machining
Left: Outer edge insert is CVD coated
Right:  Inner edge insert is PVD coated



Chipbreaker Type Description
GM Multi-purpose -  Low resistance, stable deep drilling is possible
- For steel machining (recommended)
GH Strengthened flute tip - Interrupted cutting of steel
- Makes it possible to reduce chipping troubles in through hole drilling
-  For cast iron machining (recommended)
SM For stainless steel machining - Enables stable evacuation of chips from stretchy stainless steel
- Prevents chips from getting tangled into the holder
XM For mid steel and stainless steel machining - Enables stable control of sticky and stretchy chips drilled with the outer edge



2. Unique cutting edge enables excellent evacuation of drilled chips even in deep drilling - 33% increase of holder center core and drilling hole up to 6D

The outer edge has a “U-shaped” design to evacuate drilled chips easily and prevent the chips from clogging; and the inner edge has a “spoon-shaped” design to reduce frictional resistance during evacuation of drilled chips, thus enabling excellent evacuation of drilled chips. With this design, it becomes possible to form the flute (groove) into an optimum shape and increase thickness of the holder center core by approximately 33 percent compared with competitors’ products*1. Through the achievement of high rigidity and low resistance, the new model is capable of drilling a deep hole up to 6D, which has never been possible with a conventional indexable drill.

[1] Based on research by Kyocera


Outer edge: U-shaped (left)
Inner edge: Spoon-shaped (right)




DRV comparison


Thickness of holder’s center core