DRV lineup expansion: Chamfering attachment & new inserts for smaller diameters

DRV lineup expansion offers drilling and chamfering in one operation. Also new inserts for smaller diameters have been added.

Drilling and chamfering is both possible with the DRV chamfering attachment. Expanded holder lineup of ø12 mm,  ø13 mm, and ø33 mm - ø39 mm diameters and applicable inserts have been added to the lineup. GH chipbreaker with tough edge and XM chipbreaker for soft steel.


1. Double inserts provide high efficiency machining

2 inserts allow for increased feed rates. Low cutting force reduces chattering during increased feed rates.


2. Excellent chip evacuation

Chip flow grooves are designed to follow the flutes of the drill body delivering excellent chip evacuation.


3. High chattering resistance

Molded chipbreaker on chamfering insert reduces cutting force.
Special insert design prevents fracturing on the edge. Economical 2 edge inserts.


DRV chamfering attachment


New inserts for smaller diameters

  • New inserts for smaller diameters: 12 mm – 13,5 mm
  • Line up: 2D – 6D, diameter 12 mm – 39 mm
  • High rigidity by optimal web thickness
  • CVD and PVD coated carbide inserts


New inserts for smaller diameters