AP chipbreaker: For aluminum

Newly designed chipbreaker targets to minimize trouble in Aluminum alloy turning can help to obtain high quality finishing process. Available in single sided inserts.

Well-designed chip breaker is able to create stable chip curls while preventing generate build up edges, which is a cause to scratch finished surface, on the rake face. The chip breaking function is not so aggressive, but enough to control chips without trouble even in low D.O.C. process for sticky aluminum alloy.


1. Improved chip control during finishing

Optimized chipbreaker provides better chip control.


Applicable chipbreaker range (CC09 type)



2. Sharp cutting edge and DLC coating prevent burrs

AP chipbreaker (PDL010) suppressed burrs of exiting the slot.


Burr comparison when exiting the slot:


Left: AP chipbreaker (PDL010)
Right: Competitor A (Carbide)
Workpiece: Above ; Grooving: Below



3. DLC coated grade PDL010 is available

Combination with Kyocera DLC coating – PDL series is available. Sharp cutting edge setting and superior lubricity of Kyocera PDL series leads high quality finished surface. AP chip breaker makes it possible to extend tool life by keeping fine finished surface. It’s also effective to eliminate/reduce the workload on a post process for deburring.