The PR18 series is a next-generation PVD coating for milling

March 20, 2024

The all-new and ultra-durable PVD coating technology for inserts is available for a wide range of Kyocera's well-known milling series.

Up to 2.5 times longer tool life
With the innovative and extremely heat-resistant multilayer nanotechnology of the PR18 series, called MEGACOAT NANO EX, you can expect up to 2.5 times longer tool life than conventional coating technologies.

The PR18 is available in three different new grades and is available for most of Kyocera's well-known milling series, which are already established in a wide range of metal machining operations. With these new grades, you will therefore have the opportunity to upgrade the Kyocera cutters you already have, thus streamlining your production while reducing the cost of cutting tools.



The three new grades of the PR18 series have different hardnesses or toughnesses, but what they all have in common is excellent wear resistance, heat and break resistance. Together, this results in a predictable and long tool life for applications in steel, stainless steels and cast iron.

  • PR1810: Specially designed for cast iron and based on Kyocera's unique carbide substrate, which provides exceptional hardness and heat-dissipating properties for a stable process..
  • PR1825: Designed for steel, it ensures an excellent balance between hardness, toughness and versatility and is particularly focused on wear resistance.
  • PR1835: Stability-oriented and specifically designed for steel and stainless steels, it has a unique combination of toughness and stability due to the substrate for improved heat absorption properties.

The new product range is compatible with Kyocera's milling solutions, such as general purpose cutter heads, contour cutters, profile cutters, face mills and high-feed cutters.


Examples of compatible Kyocera cutters:
  • 90⁰/88⁰ cutter heads (MA90, MEW, MEC, MECH, MFWN og MFSN88)
  • 45⁰/66⁰ cutter heads (MB45 og MFPN)
  • Radius cutter (MRX)
  • High feed cutters (MFH and MFH Boost series).

If you would like to learn more about how the PR18 Series can make a difference in your production or how Kyocera Unimerco's experts can help you implement the solution at your site, please contact our consultant in your area.


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