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Colleagues are doing teamwork in the production area.
Colleagues are doing teamwork in the production area.

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Choose your path, until you (perhaps) choose a new one. Whatever your
background, we offer many career and development opportunities.
We've published a few of them here.

As a global company with more than 700 employees in 15 companies located in Europe and the USA, our size means that we offer many opportunities within IT, procurement, logistics, sales or production. But not so large that we still acknowledge the effort and potential of the individual. 

If you're keen to try something new and have already proved your motivation and abilities, then we have many opportunities to offer.

Why not have seven different jobs in the same company, rather than the same job in seven different companies? 

Learn more here about some of the areas we work in.

An industrial technician looking at a 3D model of a tool


Whether you're an industrial technician, machine joiner, automation technician, toolmaker, or mechanic, we have opportunities for you. What we do includes production of new tools for the woodworking and furniture industry, refurbishing tools for the aviation, automotive and food industries, or servicing and repairing tools for the construction industry.

A sales technician having a Teams meeting with a customer


We offer great opportunities in sales and customer services, whether you have a technical or sales background. As an external sales executive, you can use your specialised knowledge about tools, for example, to advise customers on optimal solutions, and to nurture good customer relationships. As a member of our internal sales team, you will service our existing customers and process their orders.

2 technicians standing in front of a CNC machine


If you have a professional background within production, or are a qualified engineer, we have opportunities within tool design, developing the right tool solutions, developing solutions for customers at your own initiative or in close collaboration with customers or suppliers. We test and develop new technologies, materials and tools in our own test centre, in collaboration with customers and end-users.

Colleague smiling in the production area

"The chance to work in our American company was a once in a lifetime experience for me. It was a major personal challenge and a great success. I now live in the USA, with overall responsibility for the company's production."

Thomas Linde, Operations Director

2 colleagues having a meeting

We'll support your development

We consider education to be a lifelong process. We'll assess your current skills and where you need to develop further. We believe that's best for you and for the company! We offer financial incentives and support when our colleagues take the initiative for further education and want to gain new qualifications. For example, we're happy to pay for a higher education diploma (HD) etc. 

We base development and education plans on the skills you already have and your need for new skills for being able to develop into e.g. a new role, a change in responsibility or general personal development. You will be in close, day-to-day dialogue with your immediate manager, who will listen to your needs and wishes.

2 colleagues in the office helping out a customer on the phone

Your global job opportunities

Our people have plenty of opportunity to work closely with their colleagues abroad, and even globally. Whether you work locally or with suppliers and customers across the world. 

You may also be posted abroad for different periods. Perhaps in connection with opening a new company. If you are posted, you can help to train and inspire and share the expertise of our individual companies with the rest of the Group.

A group of three different employees are standing side by side in the production area, looking directly into the camera
A group of three different employees are standing side by side in the production area, looking directly into the camera

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Learn about Kyocera Unimerco as a workplace. 

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Contact the HR department on tel no.: +45 97 14 14 11, if you have any questions. 
For specific queries, you can find contact details for the relevant HR partner below.


Mads Mølbak Vice President & Group HR Director
Mads Mølbak

Vice President & Group HR Director

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Lotte Nyegaard Wedel

HR Manager

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Helle Helsinghof

HR Administrator

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