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Windows and doors industry

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Standard or customised tooling solutions to make your production as efficient as possible.

Professional tooling solutions

Get correct guidance on tool combinations, as well as specific machine or production optimisation proposals, that will give you an advantage, when manufacturing windows and doors.   

From our development and production sites all over the world, we can deliver a complete range of tooling solutions, especially for manufacturing windows and doors – standard or customised. This includes state of the art technologies such as PCD tools, carbide brazed tipped tools, solid carbide spirals and indexable tools.

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Shortening and trimming for Windows and doors

Shortening and trimming

The production of windows and doors starts with shortening of raw wood, the so-called trimming process.

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Planing and jointing for Windows and doors

Planing and jointing

Get better quality and higher efficiency with rough planing of visible surfaces, and then fine planing, jointing and finishing.

Profiling and end tenoning for Windows and doors

Profiling and end tenoning

The basis for profiling is an optimised tool system in combination with a sophisticated concept.

Boring and hinge boring for Windows and doors

Boring and hinge boring

Dowel joints, borings and millings for hinges and fittings or construction bores. Drills are among the oldest wood processing tools.

Additional tooling for Windows and doors

Additional tooling

Great flexibility or improved machine capability. Solutions to increase machine capacity and the production effiency.

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