Spool bore process strategy - design


Spool bore process strategy, design - PLUG/PILOT




Spool bore process strategy, design - SEMI-FINISH:




Spool bore process strategy, design - FINISH:



Simple and unique design

The user-friendly tools from Kyocera Unimerco require a minimum of setting-up for the end-user. The tool design results in a consistent quality over the entire life span of the tool.


Cutting parameters

The tools are designed with two cutting edges, thus allowing for higher feed per revolution. This means lower RPM is required to meet cycle times. Lower RPM is also beneficial to the total life of the spindle.


Robust process

Depending on the design of the part, clamping, etc., it may be necessary to use a robust process. We consider a robust process one that if certain variations are introduced from castings, coolant, etc., the process will still produce a good part.


The robust process consists of the following:

  • Plug drill for core pin flash (optional, MQL and x D dependent)
  • Pilot tool – used to create a round target for the start of the semi-finisher and finisher
  • Plug drill and pilot tool – often combined into one
  • Semi-finisher – removes core diameter stock and leaves necessary Stock for finisher to generate final features
  • Finisher – generates finish diameters


Producing bores in one or two passes

Within Kyocera Unimerco tooling designs it is possible to produce bores in one or two passes. The following needs to be considered for a two or single pass process:

  • Machined feature tolerance
  • Cast core prior to machining
  • Diameter length ratio of all diameters on the machined feature
  • Number of diameters on the machined feature
  • Rigidity of the part structure
  • Rigidity of the fixture
  • Type of coolant – wet or MQL