Spool bore process strategy – solution


Out-of-the-box solution 

Some of our customers refer to Kyocera Unimerco’s spool bore tooling solutions as ‘out-of-the-box performance’.


This basically means that if the machine spindles are in a good condition, the toolholder assembly can be taken right out of the box and placed on the machine spindle. Thus, the first part produced will be a perfect part.


We supply the toolholder assembly pre-balanced, gauge length preset and assembly set runout within 0.002 mm.



Adjustable holder system

The adjustable holder provides an effective and user-friendly method of ‘dialling in’ tools. Dialling in tools on a machine spindle is necessary when the machine spindle is worn or when the part tolerance is very narrow.


The adjustable holder can be set within a matter of minutes, maintaining 0.002 mm or better runout. In the long term, this will improve tool life and robustness, resulting in consistent part quality.


Life-long traceability of a tool

The tools/assemblies are supplied in protective wooden boxes with foam surrounding the tools/holders.


Additionally, the box contains a measuring report that provides valuable information for the end-user as well as for Kyocera Unimerco. We use this information to track tools for quality and reworking purposes.


For you this means traceability, thus assuring repeatable performance from your new or your RE•NEW™ tool.

Drawing on top of the
box ensures quick identification of the tool.

The padded wooden box provides superb protection against transport and stocking damages and gives immediate access to measuring data and RE•NEW®. records