Adjustable toolholder

The user-friendly UM DANDIA™ Adjustable Toolholder requires a minimum of handling and provides a stable high-precision solution.

The holder is especially suited for long PCD tools placing heavy demands on the toolholding solution.


The UM DANDIA™ Adjustable Toolholder can be set within a matter of minutes, maintaining 0.002 mm or better runout. This improves tool life and robustness, resulting in consistent part quality and reduced cost per part.


Two levels of radial adjustment

The possibility to adjust the radial concentricity in two levels is especially important when using long cutting tools with more than one step.


The UM DANDIA™ Adjustable Toolholder allows for the tool to be adjusted in pre-setting equipment or even mounted at the spindle to ensure an extremely narrow part tolerance.

Once adjusted to a spindle, the toolholder has a very high repetitive accuracy after tool change.


Out-of-the-box solution

If the machine spindles are in good shape, the toolholder assembly can be taken right out of the box and placed on the machine spindle. This means that even the first part produced will be a good part.

Kyocera Unimerco supplies the toolholder assembly pre-balanced, gauge length preset and with assembly set run-out within 0.002 mm.



Link til brochure:

See brochure on UM DANDIA™ Adjustable Toolholder


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Instructions for adjustable tool holder