Steering housing

We have in-depth knowledge of machining aluminum parts. Our tool package for steering housing components gives you the following benefits:


‘One shot’ tools

The result of extensive research and development activities is the ‘one shot’ solution for many of the machining operations in steering housing components. The ‘one shot’ solution makes the roughing pass tool redundant, and reduced machining time is a further benefit.


This solution has proved very successful in a number of production environments.


Combination tools

Like roughing and finishing tools, a number of other tool designs have been developed in order to combine several operations into one tool. They can be used for many operations – for example milling/reaming and reaming/grooving.


Fewer tools needed

The combination of our ‘one shot’ and ‘combination tool’ approach has lead to a reduction in the number of tools needed. In fact, with the tooling solutions from Kyocera Unimerco, you will probably need less than half the tools suggested by our competitors. Less tooling means shorter cycle time and higher productivity.


Surface finish

With our tooling package, you will achieve excellent surface finish results and great Cp and Cpk values.

In some applications, we were asked by customers to generate a specified surface on some features. This meant that the surface finish had to be between certain values. This was achieved with a completely new tool design where you can actually ‘dial in’ the surface finish.