PCD tools

All UM DANDIA™ PCD tools are tipped with top-quality PCD material.


PCD can be used in all types of non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, zinc, lead, magnesium, brass, bronze, copper, graphite, green carbide, rubber, plastic, fibreglass etc.


UM DANDIA™ PCD tools have also proven very successful in machining powdered metal.


Lower total cost

Choosing a PCD tool solution is very often the best way to reduce the cost per produced part.


PCD tools offer a number of advantages (longer tool life, improved workpiece quality, better process reliability and reduced rejection). This all results in lower machining costs and thus the lowest possible unit price.


Choosing the optimum tool solution

All tools are developed and manufactured utilising the latest technology.


The aim of the tool solution is always to improve your machining by increasing productivity, improving surface quality and roundness, prolonging tool life etc.


Often, highly advanced combination tools can reduce the number of tools needed, thus lowering your production unit costs considerably.


We look forward to your inquiry for a customized PCD tooling solution.