Cam bore

PCD multi mill



Customized UM Dandia™ ball nose PCD mill with integrated spindle adapter. Cutting profile is divided into serveral tips. Internal coolant channels.


Internal coolant channel and divided insert design ensure optimal performance and minimise the cutting forces.



To develop a cutter capable of higher feed rates and longer tool life than carbide insert cutters for the same operation. The operation involves milling from solid to half-round in one pass.



› 15,000 rpm
› 5,000 mm/min feed rate
› Tool life 8,000 - 10,000 meters of cutting (equals 10,000 twin cam
  4 cylinder head)
› Tool costs = 0.02 euro/cylinder head

› fn = 0.5-0,8 mm/rev


Unimerco tool solution:

PCD ball nose multi mill on steel body. The teeth are staggered with coolant supply to each tip.
The cutter can be made both as a monoblock tool, as well as with a cylindrical shank for use in a toolholder.

Tool no. example: 430233/999999.



Compared to carbide insert cutters, this tool provides superior feed rates and tool life. Feed rate is usually set at
5,000 mm/min. at 15,000 rpm.

Examples have shown tool life of 8,000 - 10,000 meters of effective material cutting.


The dimensioning stability of the machined surface is very good, which ensures good process reliability in the actual process, as well as in the following reaming process. In direct comparisons with competing cutters, Unimerco’s cutters have shown 50-100% longer tool life.


› Machining centres
› Likely minimum 20 bar internal coolant
Material: AL castings



PCD multi mill

PCD multi mill

n = 15.000 Rpm
f = 9.000 mm/min