Education and training

Give your employees a course and optimise your machinery and tools. With well-educated employees you get less downtime, fewer bottlenecks and longer tool life.


Your employees will:

  • Focus on optimisation and creating better solutions
  • Have the recipe at hand and are highly motivated
  • Handle operating parameters better: revolutions, feed etc.
  • Use cutting data optimally
  • Work safely

Our customers save both time and money

After the course, the employees are able to make the most of their own efforts, the tool and the machine.


Often, the course gives them several new ideas on how to influence their everyday - to do things faster and better.


A recipe for your optimisation

We tailor the course to your company. As part of the course, your employees will get a manual with a detailed guide for optimising your production.


Your investment will pay itself back, year after year …


Knowledge gives you profits

The optimisation can be felt throughout the chain. Your colleague at the next process saves time, the sales department feels it – and the finance department.


Like to lower your costs?

Then discuss with our experts on how your employees can manufacture accurate components faster.