UM MAX™ DP compact hogger

Can be used as double climb feed hogger and with scorers.


All-round applications 

UM MAX™ DP compact hogger can be used with scorers also with feed speed up till 45 meters per minute.


As double climb feed hogger the UM Max™ DP compact hogger is designed for all-round applications with high feed speed and for panels with sensitive facings.


Low noise level

The hoggers are also designed with a special teeth geometry called vario which decreases noise level to an unheard low level. 


Flexible solution 

UM Max™ DP compact hogger is a flexible solution, but without the positive and negative cutting angle, which means that it does not have top competence in relation to machining raw and melamine coated chip board and MDP. 


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UM MAX™ DP compact hogger

UM MAX™ DP compact hogger