Hoggers for formatting

Kyocera Unimerco has solved all the challenges of the board furniture industry in relation to formatting with high-quality DP hoggers. 


In relation to design and construction of our hoggers we have focused on best possible finish and tool lifetime. Thanks to a very high balance quality level and low weight, the spindle load has been decreased significantly and through less vibration we have been able to reduce the noise level.


Please note: All types can be mounted directly on the machine, no matter if hydroclamping or S system is used.


Um First DP hogger
For melamine, HPL-coated chipboard and MDF between 12 and 28 mm in thickness.
UM First DP compact hogger
For sizing raw chip board, paper and melamine coated chip board, veneered board materials lengthwise and crosswise.
UM Max DP compact hogger
For all-round applications with high feed speed and for panels with sensitive facings.
UM MAX DP radius hogger
For particularly difficult tasks where optimum quality is required, for example boards coated with paper foil and melamine.
UM MAX segment hogger
For crosswise formatting of veneered boards.
UM MAX g-segment hogger
For lengthwise formatting of veneered boards.
GMT DP G-hogger
For crosswise formatting of veneer and coated boards. Used for varying coated board materials.
GMT DP compact hogger
For lengthwise formatting of veneer and coated boards.
GMT DP radius hogger
For particular difficult applications for example boards coated with paper foil or melamine.