Profiling tools

UM Profile
For profiling wood based panels and solid wood, along and across the grain.
DP profiling tool
Customised as well as standard DP profile tools for double end tenoners, molders and table shapers.
HW profiling tool
HW tipped standard tools for the most common machines such as double end tenoners, molders and table shapers.
EasyCut will optimise your cutting quality and thus decrease your post processing in wood based materials.
Finger joint cutters
For finger joint machines with and without cross-cutting device.
Cutter for corrugated knives
Cutters mounted with HS or HW corrugated knives for best possible cutting quality and finish in solid soft wood on multi spindle machines and table shapers.
Cutter for edge banders
Full range of standard profile cutters for edge banders tipped with HW, DP or reversible knives for all known edge banding machines.