Planing and jointing tools

BK cutter
High performance DP jointing cutter for double end tenoners and edge banding machines.
Jointing cutter
DP jointing cutter designed with one side recess, two side recess, full body, symmetric as well as asymmetric design.
BT cutter
DP jointing cutter primarily designed for jump-milling units on edge banding machines. For jointing solid wood and wood based panels with or without coating.
WT cutter
Used for same applications as BT cutter, but designed in aluminum to decrease wear on machine spindle.
SoftCut cutter
Mainly used on machining with high feed speed for rough-planning solid wood, but can also be made for jointing and rebating on CNC machining centers.
Tersa planer heads
Excellent runout measured on the knives, quick and simple knife replacement, special knife grade for your application.
Hydro planer heads
For planing of solid woods on hydro profile molders. Precise tool balancing thanks to Hydro clamping for precise concentricity tolerance.
Standard planer head
For planing of solid hard and hard wood on multi spindle molder.