Cutters with bore

Tools for window and door production

Kyocera Unimerco offers market leading tools for the international window and door industry. We have been in the market for decades focussing on innovative tooling systems in cooperation with well-known international companies like Freud and TWT.

 Profile tool for door and window industry

Profile tool for door and window industry

We offer

Our aim is to offer better productivity, perfect quality and thus reduced production costs for our customers, due to longer knife lifetime with coating, uneven tooth geometry in combination with pre-cutting and finishing knife in one tool.


A group of Kyocera Unimerco special educated employees are servicing the international window and door industry. We are supplying solutions for CNC processing centers, shapers, moulders, tenoners and CNC routers in all kind of materials like soft, hard and exotic woods, plastics and foams.


All our precision tools ensure long tool lifetime and best quality machining.


Stacked tenon tools for door and window industry

Stacked tenon tool for door and window industry 


Customised tools to fit your needs

We optimise your manufacturing processes and increases your operational efficiency. Cutters with bore are often customised and therefore we need information about material, feed speed, rpm. and expected surface qualities - only in this way we can provide you with the best tool.


Contact our experienced consultants and they will advise you on choosing the best solution for the task. 


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WT cutter
Long tool life and excellent finish make jointing cutter a great choice if you want to make the most of your machinery.
Profiling tools
Full program of high-quality profile cutters - both standard and customised.