Band saws

Today approx. 90% of the bands are disposible, which means that the bands are with hardened tooth tipped or Bi-metal blades. The advantage is longer tool lifetime and smooth cut.


Please call us if you need help from our advisers. See our selection of high-quality band saws below. 

Flex Back
Carbon steel blade with hardened tooth tip. Recommended for small saws with short band length.
#32 Wood
Carbon steel blade with hardened tooth tip. Designed for contour cutting of wood. Mostly used for furniture manufacturing operations.
Woodmaster B
HS tipped Bi-metal blade Woodmaster B. Especially for cutting along the grains on big band saws with high feed rates.
CV band saws
Chrome Vanadium bands has a long history in the wood working industry, where sharpening of the bands is done in-house.