Cavity holes


To reduce the number of tools needed by combining more operations in one. Machine without vibration to obtain narrow diameter tolerance and perfect surface roughness.



Reinforced core diameter and extra guide pads on the solid carbide drills with helix give you extreme performance. 


  • Reduced machining time
  • No vibration
  • Safe process
  • Surface quality: Ra 0.8
  • Hole tolerance: H7-H8
  • Straight hole


Machining process



 Step 1: Predrill


Step 1: Predrill (Standard or customized)

Drawing no. 212890/999999

N = 1530 rpm

Fn = 0.5 mm/rev.


Step 2a: Core drill


Step 2A: Core drill

Drawing no. 212120/999999

N = 1075 rpm
Fn = 0.4 mm/rev.


Step 2b: Core drill


Step 2B: Core drill

Drawing no. 212891/999998
N = 1911 rpm
Fn = 0.3 mm/rev.


Step 2c: Core drill


Step 2C: Core drill

Drawing no. 212120/999998
N = 1911 rpm
Fn = 0.3 mm/rev.