One-shot solution

UM GROOVING LAND TOOL™ is a profile cutter which is mainly used for machining all grooving lands in a spoolbore hole in one shot. In some cases, half of the grooving lands are machined from one side and the rest from the other side of the spoolbore. Furthermore, a UM GROOVING LAND TOOL™ can, in some cases, be used in connection with cavity holes.


For cast iron, aluminium and steel

The tool is a specially designed tool, which is developed for machining grooving lands mainly in cast iron materials, but it can also be used for aluminium and steel. The tool is part of our existing tool package for the machining of hydraulic valve blocks, reducing the processing time by 30-50 %.


Cuts processing times

The UM GROOVING LAND TOOL™ can often replace a cutting tool with inserts with one to three cutting edges, only machining one grooving land at a time. There are usually 7-15 grooving lands in each spoolbore, so the UM GROOVING LAND TOOL™ can reduce machining time considerably. 


Tight tolerances

Tolerances between the grooving lands are always assured, as these dimensions/tolerances are built into the cutting tool.

More reliable process

The UM GROOVING LAND TOOL™ is normally two-fluted, giving a lower cutting force than a single-fluted tool. The cutting edges are also made in a 15° spiral, reducing the risk of vibration and spreading the cutting forces.

UM grooving land tool™

One shot solution