Customer benefits


  • Superior, high-quality tooling solution improving your manufacturing process (machining time reduced by 30-50%)
  • Solid carbide straight-fluted and helix step drills, ceramic reamers (70-80% of the tools) - manufactured by Kyocera Unimerco
  • RE•NEW® (and re-coating)
  • Call-off agreements, competitive prices
  • Global organization (creating synergies for global customers)


Coordination and synergy

  • Benchmarking machining data from different manufacturing sites
  • Optimizing process strategy and implementing the optimum solution at all manufacturing sites globally, incl. sub-suppliers
  • Utilizing the knowledge across different components, material types, manufacturing sites etc.


Optimized production – global synergy

The aim is to ensure your manufacturing process is highly competitive as basis for a long-term cooperation beneficial to all parties.


The result:

  • Improved quality
  • Reduced machining time
  • Reduced unit costs
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Optimized production
  • Improved competitiveness