Test Centre - R&D

The Kyocera Unimerco R&D/Test Centre has a multi-role function within the company. 

The R&D/Test Centre is versatile enough to be used for automation, semi-automation and manual development processes.


It gives you the opportunity to prepare new production methods – from small adjustments of individual machining sequences to optimization of complete production processes / machining methods without interrupting your operations.


As our customer, we welcome you to participate during tests. All tests are documented in test reports and are supported by audio and video recordings.


The R&D/Test Centre possesses two 5-axis CNC machines as well as various semi-automatic ADE machine tools. For data acquisition and analysis, we use Kistler Force Dynamometer along with a vast collection of metrology equipment.


We believe in evolution through investment: investment in plant and machine tools along with heavy investment in the development of new tool solutions for new materials and applications.


Thus, working with us gives you access to the latest technology and helps you increase your productivity through state-of-the-art cutting tool solutions.