Your global partner – why team up with us?

Kyocera Unimerco puts you first. We develop innovative solutions that always match your exact needs – either through our vast standard range of tool solutions or individual design solutions.


When choosing Kyocera Unimerco as your collaborating partner, you can expect our active presence whenever and wherever you need us.


We have production facilities in Europe, the USA and Asia. We are part of the global Kyocera conglomerate consisting of more than 70,000 employees, of which 3,500 are within the cutting tool division worldwide.


We believe that winning results are created through closely coordinated and focused cooperation.

Your value driver

It is our mission to improve your competitiveness through our essential knowledge of process optimization.


Whatever your target value is, we will design tools to your demand.
Be confident that we will respond to your request with the utmost urgency.

Superior and innovative technology for high performance machining. Drills are available in special dimensions, for your specific needs and for reducing your unit costs.
Milling tools for any application. Choose from our stock of high performance end mills for side milling, groove milling, pocket milling and copy milling. From day to day, we can keep your processes running at best pace.
Material and applications
We offer cutting tools specifically suited for the various materials and machine tools being used in aerospace engineering. Whether you use CNC, ADE or robotic machine tools, we can assure you the optimal tool solution.
We also offer you a wide range of services. This means you get a total solution that makes everyday life easier while reducing your costs.
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