KGD – grooving and cut-off tools

Superior tools for grooving and cut-off.



  • Excellent chip control with various chipbreakers
  • Reliable and stable machining with superior clamping system
  • MEGACOAT technology ensures long tool life



  • Cutting width: 2 - 8 mm, cutting depth up to 30 mm
  • High-precision moulded inserts, width tolerance of ±0.03 mm (edge width 2, 3, 4 mm)
  • MEGACOAT carbide grades:
    • PR1225: The best choice for cut-off, grooving and traversing
    • PR1215: Superior wear resistance – recommended for grooving and cut-off under stable conditions. The best choice for machining of cast iron.
  • Toolholder (separate type): applicable for various types of grooving and cut-off, such as external and face cutting by replacing blade parts.



Coolant is directed from the rake surface and the flank face of the insert. Improved chip control and longer tool life for external grooving and cutting-off.


Discharges coolant in two directions:

  • Discharges coolant in two directions toward both the rake surface and the flank face of the insert.
  • Excellent chip control and long tool life.


  1. Superior chip control performance:
    Coolant towards the rake face. Coolant hole position and angle improve chip control
  2. Cooling the cutting edge leads to longer tool life:
    Coolant towards the rake surface and the flank face of the insert. Directing coolant towards the cutting edge lengthens tool life.
  3. Large chipbreaker lineup for various machining applications



  • High rigidity and high precision
  • Superior cooling action improves tool life
  • Polygon taper shank available in sizes C4, C5 and C6


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