KPK series
Unique design for superior performance in cut-off operations.
High-precision small internal grooving tool series. Newly developed clamping system ensures a firm insert hold to provide high-precision machining.
Large chip pocket and internal screw clamp toolholder give you excellent chip evacuation.
Reliable and stable due to superior toolholder design. Excellent chip control due to various chipbreakers.
KGDI - internal grooving
Stable machining with excellent chip control and smooth chip evacuation.
Internal and external grooving. Stable construction ensures smooth production.
GBF grooving tools offer low cutting force with a large rake angle for high precision grooving.
kgba jct
Great for high pressure coolant, toolholder for shallow grooving. Direct coolant closer to the cutting edge from the top of the insert. Excellent chip control and longer tool life.

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