H Chipbreaker series – for CBN inserts

Excellent chip control when machining hardened material.

3 Chipbreakers for a wide range of applications. 




  • Various applications and cutting conditions are possible
  • Maintains stable machining in applications with several passes and varied hardness
  • Stable chip control for hardened workpieces with hardness of 55HRC or more



  • Excellent chip control
  • Low cutting force with edge preparation
  • Sharp cutting performance


Chipbreaker lineup and application:

  • HH type: Hardened steel finishing (55 HRC or more)
  • HD type: Hardened steel finishing (55 HRC or less)
  • HL type:  Removing the carburized layer. From carburized layer to unhardened layer.


Recommended insert grade KBN05M
KBN05M insert grade with superior oxidation resistance and wear resistance.

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