Tool management

Lower costs – better overview

You may have Kyocera Unimerco handle and supplement the tools you regularly use. This is called a supplementation agreement.

When your holding of a tool has reached a certain minimum level, we will automatically refill. It is easy and simple, and it saves you having to check that the tools are in stock at the right time. Instead, you can concentrate on your production.

Often, the right solution can eliminate the need for employees spending time searching, ordering and managing cutting tools.

The cost of a tool management system is lower than the total resources/costs normally spent on tool management. In most cases, the result will be lower inventory levels, reduced handling costs, less downtime due to lack of tools, and less obsolescence.

Managing your tool consumption provides many savings:

  • Less tool consumption
  • Reduction of tool stock
  • Minimal shrinkage and obsolescence


Systems for every need:

  • AutoCrib – few item numbers, high consumption
  • RoboCrib – many item numbers, varied consumption
  • ToolRoom – flexible solution for existing equipment


  • Based on SQL database
  • More than 160 automatic reports
  • Automatic e-mail
  • Possibility of ERP integration


Tool management

 Tool management