TQ chipbreaker for stable thread turning

TQ is a series of turning inserts with a newly developed asymmetric chipbreaker design, which further raises the bar. The chipbreaker geometry ensures reliable chip flow, both in case of radial infeed and flank infeed – when performing internal as well as external threading.



  • Stable chip control, both in case of radial infeed and modified flank infeed
  • Long and predictable tool life with new qualities
  • Low cutting forces due to large rake angle
  • Requires no base plate



  • Asymmetric design of chipbreaker controls direction of chip flow
  • Due to good chipbreaker geometry, the chip is broken easily
  • Full-profile insert forming a complete thread
  • Partial-profile insert for various thread angles
  • Low-force cutting properties
  • PR1515: 1st recommendation (for stainless)
  • PR1535: stability-oriented (for stainless)
  • PR1215: for steel



  • Internal and external threading
  • M: Metric
  • G(PF): Parallel pipe
  • R, Rc(PT), (BSPT)
  • W: Whitworth
  • UN thread
  • UNF thread


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