Q Series

Long tool life and smooth surface finish in medium – finishing application. Stable machining in steel, stainless steel and hard material <68 HRC.


Varied interval flute design
Superior anti vibration performance due to variable pitch flute design.


α ≠ β



Long tool Life with MEGACOAT
Superior wear and oxidation resistance with MEGACOAT, Kyoceras unique PVD coating technology.


Wear resistance evaluation:

  • Left: 4QFSM-VG (Cutting distance 3,900 mm)
  • Right: Competitor A (Cutting distance 1,900 mm, breakage)


Cutting conditions:
N = 2,918 min-1, Vf = 678 mm/min, ap x ae = 12 x 9.6 mm
Machining diameter ø 12 mm, 4 teeth, slotting, dry
Workpiece: 42CrMo4V




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Q Series