MFH (25-160 mm)

High resistance to chattering and applicable to various applications. Increased chip evacuation and shortened cutting time.



  • Highly effective
  • Long tool life due to the anti-vibration design
  • Wide range of application
  • Wiper profile for optimum surface quality (FL geometry)



  • Cutter diameter: 25-160 mm
  • Single-sided insert: 4 cutting edges
  • 4 types of geometry available.
  • The convex cutting edge reduces impact while entering the workpiece.
  • GM inserts: first choice for face milling, shoulder face milling, slot milling, ramping, helical milling and plunge cutting
  • LD inserts: combines traditional face milling with deep cutting (up to 5 mm) and high-feed milling
  • FL/Wiper profile: low cutting force geometry
  • GH inserts: For hardened materials
  • Toolholder lineup: face mill, end mill, cylindrical shank and screw on type



  • Face milling and shoulder face milling
  • Slot milling
  • Ramping
  • Helical milling
  • Plunge cutting

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