It is crucial that you choose just the right mill for your production – a mill that gives you the lowest possible production costs.


We offer a complete range of solid end mills as well as solid carbide cutters including HSS.


The range includes advanced high-performance tools as well as universal tools for a wider field of application.


In addition to solid end mills, we offer a complete range of Kyocera indexable milling cutters.


Indexable milling cutters
The range consists of shoulder face mills, face mills, profile cutters, side milling cutters and more.
Micro diameter end mills
High performance micro diameter end mills for various-to-cut material. Diameter: 0.1 mm - 25.00 mm
Chamfer mills
60°, 90°, 120° angles. Diameter d: 3.00 mm - 12.00 mm
Diamond pattern router bits
Up cut, down cut, with chipbreaker. Diameter d: 0.80 mm - 8.00 mm
Micro diameter engraving tools
2 Flute Engraving Tools. Solid carbide half round engraving tools. Solid carbide spade tools.
Solid end mills
Complete range of standard end mills in solid carbide and HSS. The cutters are of high quality and very attractively priced.
Thread milling cutters
Wide range of standard products as well as customized special solutions.