ORION high performance drill

High performance drills for difficult-to-cut material.

Diameter: 1.50 mm - 12.00 mm


Excellent hole accuracy with a low cutting force design. Good for difficult-to-cut materials.



ORION high performance drill (165 series)


ORION high performance drill



Optimized cutting edge for increased accuracy: The optimized cutting edge creates excellent drilling accuracy during the initial cut by consistently controlling the cutting force across the face of both cutting edges.



ORION high performance drill cutting edge

 Centering edge (left), primary cutting edge (middle), centering edge (right)



Nanocomposite super-nitride AlTiN coating technology: Great for difficult-to-cut and hardened materials, the second generation AlTiN supernitride with a nanocomposite coating structure has a hardness GPa of 36.3 and maximum application temperature (C°) of 1,100.