Punching knives

High-performance standard knives in superior quality.


All blades are characterised by uniform, high quality, and your benefits include great process reliability and high cutting performance.


Item no. Description Dimension Machine Type
220510 Punch knife 18×18×23.8 mm Multivac FS1003-1
220514 Punch knife 18×18×23,8 mm, 2XR0.2 Multivac FS1008-1
220518 Punch knife 18×18×23,8 mm, 2XR2  Multivac FS1007-1
220522 Punch knife  18×18×23,8 mm Multivac HS1008-2
220526 Punch knife  14×18×23,8 mm Multivac HS1003-3
220527 Punch knife  Euroloch 48×18×23,8 mm Multivac EP-1048-1
220528 Punch knife 22x20x23,8 mm Multivac FS4004-1
220529 Punch knife 22x20x23,8 mm Multivac HS4004-2
220530 Punch knife 22x20x23,7 mm Multivac FS4004-1
220534 Punch knife 22x20x23,7 mm Multivac HS4004-2
220535 Punch knife 18x18x14,5 mm Multivac FS1003-14,
220536 Punch knife 12x18x14,5 mm Multivac HS1001-14,5
220537 Punch knife 
48-18-23,8 mm Multivac EP1048-1
220538 Punch knife 
48x18x23,8 mm R5 Multivac EP1048-2
220539 Punch knife oval 50x12x8 mm Multivac AP5012-2-M5-G
220540 Punch knife round 50x8 mm Multivac  
220542 Distance piece 77,25-23,8-3,0 mm Multivac  
220546 Distance piece 105,75-23,8-3,0 mm Multivac  
220547 Distance piece 109x23.8x3,0 mm Multivac  
220548 Distance piece 449x14.5x4 mm Multivac SL 40.449.14,5
220549 Distance piece 449x23.8x4 mm Multivac SL 40.449.23,8
220550 Distance piece 500x23.8x1,05 mm Multivac SL 10.500.23,8

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