Circular knives for packaging

Circular knives are manufactured in a special type of stainless steel with very good properties in relation to corrosion and optimisation of cutting properties.


Depending on the cutting task, the circular knives are available with:

  • plain edge
  • wavy edge
  • slots
  • notches


Other knife materials such as tool steel and HSS steel are also available.


Beyond this, you may choose special treatments or coatings, which further optimise the knife to your specific cutting task.


The circular knives fit:

  • Multivac
  • Dixievac
  • Tiromat 
  • Etc.


Item no. Dimension Machine Type
216701 90x2x42 mm Multivac F-1 3XM5
216721 90×2×42 mm Multivac F-2 3XM5/55
216722 90x42x2 mm Multivac F1/NF 6xM5 1/2-1/2
216724 90×2×42 mm Multivac F2/NF 6xM5 1/2-1/2
216735 90x1,0x25 mm Dixievac 3/6/60 F2

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