Skin carrier rollers

The product range comprises high-performance standard skinning tools in superior stainless steel quality.


All tools are characterised by uniform, high quality to fit the most common machines for fish skinning.


UM skin carrier rollers for Baader 51 and 52

Rollers with solid high-precision brass end caps. Available in different styles.


Item no. OEM no. Type
225152 35.317-7 10 skip
225161 35.315-7 complete
225162 35.318-7 5 skip


UM aluminium and POM rollers for Baader 51 and 52

Available in special configurations with centred and side-divided toothing, respectively.


Skin carrier rollers








Item no. OEM no. Type 
755117 35.127-7 side-divided 
755116 35.127-7  centre-divided
755115 35.127-7 white POM side-divided


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