Bowl chopper knives

Bowl chopper knives made of special steel – for systems from 30 to 1200 litres.

Made of a specially developed material

This ensures high toughness, longer tool life and increased corrosion resistance.

Special polishing

Special polishing makes for a smooth and bright surface reducing friction and risk of cracks.

Knives with “holes”

Available for almost all models. These knives reduce friction and heat generation, preventing the meat from sticking to the knife and creating imbalance. The knives are very flexible at high load.


Knives for:

  • Knecht                    
  • Kilia            
  • Hoegger - Alpina        
  • Laska            
  • Seydelmann
  • Strömmen
  • Krämer & Grebe
  • Seco
  • Rex Düker
  • Stephan
  • Varilock

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