The right team

We are a global company that gives you the chance to develop personally as well as professionally. However, our size does not mean that your efforts go unnoticed. You are close to the decisions and you can get influence and room to manoeuvre.


We give responsibility to those who have the competency

We ensure dynamism and proficiency in the decision-making process throughout the whole organisation by maintaining a flat structure, where to the greatest possible extent, decisions and responsibility are delegated to employees with the relevant competencies. In practice, this means that cross-organisational cooperation takes place at all levels.

Good working conditions combined with job security, profit sharing and influence are important elements increasing the sense of responsibility, adaptability and flexibility among everyone in the company.

Part of our team

In connection with recruitment, we set great store by offering a thorough introduction to the company, so applicants receive the necessary insight to allow them to decide whether they wish to become a part of our business culture.

New employees go through an in-depth induction programme covering all company departments. This gives a professional and cultural insight and a good idea of how the individual functions contribute to the integral whole. This way, new players quickly become a natural part of the team.

In order to handle their tasks in the best possible way, new employees also receive job-specific training and education in the individual departments.


Constant development

We are constantly working to improve ourselves, e.g. by strengthening employee competencies through on-the-job training, further education and inter-company placements.

Professional and personal development plays its part in raising the level and ensuring a higher degree of innovation in solving tasks. At the same time, it increases the individual employee’s qualifications, so he or she may take on additional and perhaps bigger tasks within the organization. Our overall flexibility increases if our employees are prepared to adapt, and we do not find ourselves trapped between narrow demarcation lines.

Constant generational change

In Kyocera Unimerco, career steps may be sideways as well as upwards. We have also seen many examples that managers have made room for new talent and then taken on other roles themselves in the company.

This constant generational change ensures, on the one hand, that valuable knowledge stays within the company, and, on the other, that valued employees can still feel challenged and inspired.


We encourage our employees to keep on perfecting their skills. We find it positive when employees are open about their career goals and aspirations. It has become part of our culture that employees take the initiative to improving their skills, with support from the company.