Transparency and security

Good communication is a key element in Kyocera Unimerco's corporate culture, and our unique company layout 'the roofed village' allows communication to flow freely.


Targeted, timely and honest information and close dialogue are the hallmarks of Kyocera Unimerco’s communications policy – both internally and externally.


As a basis for dialogue and insight, it is natural to inform about decisions, new initiatives and changes as early as possible.


As an employee you get the information you need to feel safe and see the coherence in the company. This includes economic key figures, organizational and strategic initiatives and sales figures. Kyocera Unimerco also ensures that the employees are equipped to interpret the economic figures. 


Internal communication in Kyocera Unimerco includes:

  • Daily turnover
  • Monthly information reports containing accounting figures, explanations to strategies and highlights
  • Meetings for the entire company with an open dialogue and the chance to ask questions